Andrew had now come to the final stage in which he became the "apex predator". He now realizes that he can just screw around and do whatever he wanted with his new-found powers. Matt had come in to put a stop to it. After Andrew had attempted dropping his father (Richard Detmer )  from the hospital room in which he stayed, Matt came in to save his uncle and decided to end this.

Matt had caught with Andrew and told him that he was losing it and a lot of people would get hurt if he didn't stop his rampage.
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Andrew arguing with Matt

Andrew ignored him and layed about the fact the he was the apex predator. The final battle had now begun. Andrew had gotten Matt to fight back and the whole city was in major choas with cars being telekinetically thrown and the two constanly flying through buildings. The stopped only because Andrew injured himself giving Matt the chance to help him and get him out of the city. Pretty soon the police where involved trying to stop the both of them.
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Matt trying to explain themselves to the police

After Matt got shot in the hand by one of the police officers, Andrew finally regained his footing and telekinetically pushed the police men away and continued the fight.

Andrew and Matt flew into a giant courtyard where the S.W.A.T. had followed them and opened fire on Andrew who blocked the bullets with his powers. He then pushed them away and started to shatter the glass on the buildings surrounding him. Matt had to what was right to prevent the death of many civilians. 

Matt had speared Andrew through his back with a statue that was holding a spear nearby. Matt had flown away before the authorities could place him under arrest

Matt killing Andrew

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Andrew stopping the volley of bullets the police had fired on him.